A Simple, Yet Effective Workout For Beginners.

50 body squats (weights optional)
– 3 days a week

50 pushups

– 2 days a week

2 minute planks
– 2 days a week

In each exercise, focus on your core as much as possible and maintain proper form from beginning to end. Don’t worry about sets or things like time under tension (TUT). Take as much time as you need to complete each workout. The easier you make things on yourself now, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

The main point of this article is to express that consistency always trumps intensity. Many people go as hard as they can in the gym to see results as soon as possible. These same people usually end up hurting themselves by accident, and sometimes give up entirely on working out . If you’re new to boxing or strength training, please learn to be patient. You’ll actually get results quicker that way, and your body will be all the more grateful.

Example Schedule:
50 squats – Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays
50 pushups – Tuesdays/Thursdays
2 minute planks – Saturdays/Sundays

As long as you complete the minimum requirements each week, you can schedule however you see fit.

Even though the workout isn’t that intense or extreme, you can experience incredible gains after six months to a year if you’re a newbie. However, as you get stronger, you need to increase the workout’s difficulty. Otherwise, you’ll reach a plateau and stay there indefinitely. I recommend increasing the total number of reps by 10 once you feel comfortable with your current workout intensity. So you can increase the time spent in plank by 10 seconds as well, or begin squatting with weight and keep adding 10bs after each workout you find easy. Track your results in a notebook, so you don’t have to remember exactly what you did last week, but also to see your growth over time!

Make it fun! Set goals that inspire you. Once you achieve them, you’ll get a confidence that’s addictive. You’ll naturally look for new interesting ways to train your body, and your world will shine more brightly.

Last Note: Remember to Stretch!

Stretching before and after every workout gives you the fastest results because it increases your recovery rate and minimizes risk of injury.

If you’re not sure what to stretch, then just do 20 jumping jacks before and after every every workout. This exercise will properly warm you up, cool you down, and dynamically stretch out your muscles.

Please leave a question or a comment below and have a nice day!

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