Step Zero

Accept what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is uniquely your own.
— Bruce Lee

Step One – The Decision

Find A Boxing Gym


Make Your Home A Boxing Gym

Step Two – The Commitment

Investing in yourself is the greatest commitment you could ever make. But it’s important to first understand what your level of commitment is before learning boxing. Are you just looking for a way to workout that’s fun, or are you serious about mastering the sport?

Whatever decision you make is fine, as long as you’re honest with yourself about what you really want to do. That way, you won’t make any investments you regret and the investments you do make increase your self-esteem because you’re spending time and money on being the best person you can be. That act alone can shift one’s life direction.

If you’re interested in learning the sport or even competing, I highly recommend joining a local boxing gym. The gym’s atmosphere of discipline will positively impact you without fail.

If there’s no gym close to you, or you just want the convenience of working out at home, then make sure you consider the Nexersys Cross Body Trainer.

The Best Boxing Review Guy on YouTube:

I couldn’t give a better video review if I tried. I urge you to check out his channel for any other piece of boxing equipment you were curious about. He’s super honest and succinct in his explanations.

The reason why I’m advocating this piece of equipment is because most heavy bags that you’ll find for several hundred dollars aren’t worth it unless you’re twelve years old. If you do enough research you’ll find two main types of boxing bags: free standing bags and heavy bag stands with heavy bags.

Free standing bags don’t last past a year or two. It’s just too difficult to make a support piece that doesn’t break and isn’t thousands of dollars to buy. Though if you are going to purchase one of the two, then I recommend going with the freestanding bag. It’s easy to setup and doesn’t take up much space.

Heavy bag stands with attached bags don’t allow for the full range of motion for the bag. Yes, you can punch it and it won’t break on you, but… it’s super unsatisfying. The support bars in the middle stop the bag short every time you hit it. It’s hard to put in words, it just feels like you’re getting gypped every time you hit it.
If you want a decent bag to knock around you’re gonna have to go to a commercial supplier or an actual boxing gym. But hey, the world we live in is constantly changing, so if you find something relatively cheap, but awesome let me know here:

The Nexersys Cross Body Trainer is an awesome double-end bag that allows you to get a good workout with a decent piece of equipment for a decent price ($245). It also teaches you timing for offense and defense because when you hit the bag, it comes back at you like a punch.

One other thing I love about working out with this piece of equipment is that you don’t need to spend time putting on hand wraps. That’s always kinda annoying. Especially if you just want a quick workout.

I don’t recommend punching without hand wraps on a regular heavy bag, especially if you’re new and don’t have basic technique down. If you hit the heavy bag hard with bad technique, you’re just gonna hurt your hand even with hand wraps and gloves on.

If you don’t have any gloves, I recommend the Everlast Training Gloves. Though if you can find something better on Craigslist, then by all means go for it. If you’re unsure as to what size gloves you need, it’s best to go to your local sporting goods store and and try on a few pairs. That’s the easiest way to be sure.

I mentioned a lot pros on the Nexersys Cross Body Trainer. So it’s only fair I tell you the cons.

1) It’s tall. 7’9″ to be exact. So if you don’t have a high enough ceiling, it needs to go outside. I’m 5’6″ if you want to compare our heights in the video.

2) It needs some weight on the base to stay still. If you look at my video again you’ll notice two 25lb dumbbells sitting at the base. It’s a necessity, but personally I’m glad I had to buy them because now I do curls every day. A 45lb weight-lifting plate would work just as well.

Also! If you’re interested in the ankle weights I was using in the video you can check them out here.

Final Tip

If you’re going to do anything, it’s best to do it a little bit every day instead of going all out a few days a week. The brains learns most effectively when we do things consistently. So take things step-by-step. Practice one of the routines I displayed at the end of the video for two minutes every day for thirty days. From there, take it how you want and have fun!

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