Boxing Is A Problem Solving Sport With Real Consequences

The goal of boxing is to beat the other opponent either by K.O. or by gaining a higher score through landing clean hits, dodging, blocking, parrying, and overall domination of the round. Boxing is still just a game. There is a winner, loser, and sometimes a draw. In order to win, you must build up attributes. Speed, strength, technique, confidence, and footwork are all crucial elements that need to be maximized.

However, what if those attributes with your opponent were exactly the same? Usually in this case, I would say the more intelligent boxer is likely to win because they are able to use their attributes more effectively than the other person.

There are times when you don’t know what your opponent will do, so you will need to make an educated guess based off what you learned about the enemy so far. This is why it’s usually a good idea to start the first round primarily with jabs and pay close attention to your opponent’s movements. If you can understand their rhythm, you will feel more confidence because you can predict what’s coming. It’s a lot easier to dodge a punch if you know which one is coming, especially if you’re throwing a counter.

You Can’t Achieve What Your Mind Can’t Conceive.
Learn To Anticipate Your Opponent’s Actions

Problem solving skills can also be applied to your training. For example, say your punching power is good and has hit a plateau, but you’re still lacking in accuracy or footwork. A good idea might be to focus more on running and accuracy training for a month while you take a break from the heavy bag.

Switching up your routine can improve your focus at times and by the time you come back to the punching bag, you might find you’re better than before because it’s easier to have fun. When you have fun while you train, you do better. This remains true for fighting as well. You’re naturally more focused and you’re not wasting energy by trying too hard and overthinking things. People will call it “being in the zone” or “accessing your flow state”, and every time I train I try to get into that flow state because well, I like having fun!

There is always room for improvement. And problem solving skills are your best ticket besides patience to get out of any plateau.

Basic Problem Solving Technique

Simple Steps Applicable To Any Problem:

1. Write down as much as you can about the problem.
2. If you can, break the problem down into smaller problems.
3. Create a plan to solve each little problem.
4. Engineer all your little plans so they fit one master plan that solves the original problem.

Problem to solve -> lose weight.

A simple answer would be to simply eat less, however, other problems emerge when you make that the answer. Such as, making sure you are getting enough nutrition, or that when you eat less, you don’t feel good and end up relapsing by eating more food afterwards, thus gaining even more weight. In reality, “eat less” was never the answer in the first place if it doesn’t work for you consistently. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have relapsed.  We all have different bodies and we all need to figure out our own answers.

Much of the time, we think problems are too big and too vague to properly handle. It’s what we humans do. So the way to begin implementing the technique is to research on how weight is lost. Second, break down “lose weight” into a more detailed problem like “lose weight and still feel good.” Third, make plans to satisfy both issues such as: giving yourself more time to lose weight and have fun with healthy eating by learning new recipes that taste good and are good for you. Lastly, put your plans into motion. Develop a timeline with goals. Such as setting one day a week for 6 months when you only eat healthy. Then increase that to two days a week in the next 6 months. And if that’s all your comfortable with doing, than do that.

Taking some action is better than not trying at all. You will technically lose weight and still feel good by the end of the year, but more importantly, you won’t regret doing nothing.

A Great Way To Improve Problem Solving Skills -> Programming

Programming improves how you think about things and how you approach problems in general.

For example: In object oriented programming (OOP) you have these things called objects. And that’s exactly what they are, “things.” And a program is really just a list of instructions telling the computer what to do. So saying to the computer, “Go do things!” Is too vague of a thing for the computer to understand what you mean. You need to translate what you want to happen into the computer language, which may get translated by a compiler into 1s and 0s. See that’s all a computer can understand because computers are dumb. They take everything too literally, so they have no idea what you are talking about until you spell it out for them perfectly. For instance, you can’t be a single character off when typing the url into the address bar. If you do you’ll get an error or be sent off to who knows where land in the internet

Action Item:
– Try out programming! ->

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Austin · October 2, 2017 at 4:40 pm

I like your style for solving problems. I have never thought about breaking down large problems to smaller problems and building a plan from there. I like how you had the chess diagrams seeing how that is one of the most famous strategic games ever. I like how you talked about specifying our goals as well! Thank you!

    Jack · October 5, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    No problem!

Jair · October 5, 2017 at 5:19 am

I have 2 half sleeves of tattoos which are both chess boards and pieces. I have been playing for decades and I base a lot of my life and my decisions on the discipline of playing chess, I love how you included the chess images.
I also just started last week at codeacademy to learn https and JS and trust me, I now know the frustration of missing one element! Great sight to integrate exercise in with problem-solving such a great idea! If I didn’t have to be up early, I would still be reading!!

    Jack · October 5, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    Awesome stuff! Keep it up!

Jude · October 5, 2017 at 5:27 am

Problem solving techniques and skills are important and relevant in many areas of our lives these days.

I like your basic problem solving technique. It works well with goal setting too because one can make each step in the process a goal in its own right.

In several ways our brains work much like a computer. We have to be specific in how we ‘program’ ourselves to think and act. After a while, it becomes a natural habit of thought and action.

I really enjoyed reading your post. At first I thought I would not find a post about boxing all the exciting. But you have turned it into an interesting read for anyone who wants to find a practical method that can be applied to solving just about any type of problem.

And I learned a little about how a focused thinking strategy can apply to boxing too!

Thank you for this informative post. ~Jude

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