This Program is a Compilation of Daily Exercises to Improve Punching Power

Three Main Problems This Program Solves

  1. Weak Core Integration (The core is the root of everything you do.)
  2. Poor Impact Stabilization (Awkward punches with no weight behind them won’t be effective.)
  3. Low Punch Variation (Knowing what punch to throw and when.)

I Don’t Recommend This For Beginners

This 30 day program is very dense in information. It is not some P90X routine that exists just to get you into shape. This program goes in depth of what exactly you need to do to build power and then what to do with all that power once you’ve gained it. How to get in and out of range, what to do while you are getting in and out of range, setting up angles, etc.

For example, say you are throwing successive jabs while getting into someone’s range. What do you do once you’ve arrived? You either need to have some sort of strategy in place or high tail it out of there. One good strategy is to place your lead leg on the right side of your orthodox style opponent, so when you finish your jabs and your opponent goes to punch, you’re no where to be found by your opponent because you’ve already pivoted into their blind spot.

What’s cool about this program is the amount of punching techniques he gives you. Technically speaking, there’s no end to the different types of punches you can throw. This is because in a fight, your opponent is a dynamic human being. You’re going to be in weird awkward positions sometimes, so if you stick to a textbook jab every time, you’re really doing yourself a disservice by not jabbing at a weird awkward angle. The mechanics of every punch in your arsenal is kind of like a color in the rainbow. There’s no real distinct line separating them. But at the same time, you can point out some obvious differences.

This program has over 100 different punching techniques within a 30 day program that guides you through all the different concepts and techniques need to take your punching power to the next level.

Check out a product review by Professional Boxer, Kacper Dudziński

Kacper Dudziński

“Apart from being involved in so many gym sparring/training with world class amateurs and pros, ExpertBoxing probably played the biggest role in my career as I was following the tips, corrections and little adjustments through the last 5 years of my career. Funny enough sometimes in changing room before a fight, instead of listening to the trainer I was thinking about all of Johnny’s advices and stuff and it’s even more funny that it usually worked.

The way he presents stuff is so much more advanced and helpful as is not as obvious as all other cheap boxing videos you can find on Youtube. His videos are something different as he is describing the way of feeling stuff, describing it in many details and it very often help to understand your body better, so then it helps you to correct ur technique and simply get better in boxing. U got me sparring there with world and British champ Craig Evans and Dale Evans. And also Lee Churcher WBU world champion. Well done Johnny. Keep doing what u doing and hopefully in 3 weeks time I come back with some good news again. Stay sharp guys.”

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