Lomachenko Vs. Rigondeaux

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Highlights of Both Fighters:

Many people are saying the difference in weight and age will determine this fight because Lomachenko is 132 lbs/29 years old while Rigondeaux is 119lbs/37 years old. I have to say, although weight and age will be factors, they will still be negligible. The reason being is that Lomachenko is simply a level higher than Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux is a superb fighter with great speed, timing, and precision… but that’s not enough to best Loma.

Lomachenko is a master at making modern boxers look like amateurs because of his weight shifting and feints. Lomachenko comes in at awkward angles which throw off his opponent and make them doubt their strength. His defense alone may be on level with Mayweather, but Loma’s offense and defense are a part of each other throughout the entire fight. They work together to always just be out of arms length, and whenever there’s an opening, it’s as if his body moves by itself.

The first round is going to look like most of Lomachenko’s rounds. Kinda boring. He tests the waters. He memorizes what his opponent usually does when he throws a jab, or any of his moves. He takes his time to give himself the best possible chances of winning.

This is how many pro fighters fight the first round, but Lomachenko still looks more in control of the round even though he’s not technically dominating it. If you pay attention to Loma’s balance against his opponents’, things slowly become clear and you can see how much more Lomachenko is in control.

I’m sure you’ve already figured out who I’m rooting for, but here’s my prediction:

Lomachenko will wipe the floor with Rigondeux. He’s done so before with champions, but hasn’t fought anyone with great skills like Rigondeaux before. However, Lomachenko is a better fighter tactically because of his weight shifting and feinting.

He makes pros look like fools because many highly skilled athletes only know how to use their tools in one dimension. This is what I meant before when I said Lomachenko is on another level. Simply using pinpoint counters isn’t enough to defeat this man.

Lomachenko looks at the bigger picture. He even pours an adequate amount of time into training his MIND. When do you ever hear of fighters training their mind? RARELY EVER!! Boxers are depicted as dumb thugs much of the time by people who are unfamiliar with the industry.

And you know what? It pisses me off. I really hope one day we’ll start seeing chess boards inside boxing gyms. You hear it all the time that boxing is 80% mental and 20% physical. But most people who hear that advice just nod their heads and train their bodies.

Many people overestimate their intelligence, which gets them into trouble. Would-be fighters don’t learn how to use their brains. So what ends up happening is that their brains use them by tricking them into being lazy. They look at short term pleasure instead of long term glory.

The way Lomachenko wins this fight will be historic. I can’t wait to see it. I can’t wait to learn.

It’s always possible I’m wrong about a few things and will get surprised by Rigondeaux, but whatever the case, the boxing world will become even clearer as we see what works and what doesn’t work in the ring.  That’s what’s most important about this fight.

For better or worse, reality will come alive and teach us all another lesson.

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