Consistency. Does it work?

The effects of doing something over and over again depends on how much attention we give to what we’re doing. If we don’t give training our full attention, our movement won’t be consistent. Mental focus is the name of the game brothers and sisters, and we could all use some more of it.

When we hit the heavy bag or shadowbox and start getting tired, our bodies naturally get sloppy. Someone could be hitting killers shots one moment, but because they’re gassed after eight rounds, they stop turning their hips when throwing straights, or stop pivoting their foot on hooks.

This isn’t because they’re lazy, but because they’re putting too much effort into their punches and don’t leave enough mental strength to focus on good form. All that’s happening because they’re focusing their mind in an inappropriate direction. And in doing so, they end up practicing a crappy hook or a crappy jab, thus making themselves a little bit better at throwing crappy hooks and crappy jabs. See what I mean by, “in an inappropriate direction”? How we spend our time determines what kind of person we become.

People get in the way of their selves by focusing on “just getting the job done”. When we give more attention to what we do, we get more out of it because we see more of what happens.

So the next time you get tired during training, keep your form and forget about intensity! Consistency always trumps intensity.

Wait. So I have to learn a whole
other skill while learning boxing?
That’s like twice the work?!

Haha yes. Being mindful of one’s training is actually a skill in itself. It takes time especially if you’ve spent a few years focusing primarily on effort and sweat. Those things are good, but not at the cost of technique. Technique is one of the most important aspects to focus on because the faster, stronger, and more skillful your punches are, the more fun it is to punch. For more info on technique click here.

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